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Out on the trail, at a festival, on vacation, around town... there are so many ways to use goTenna. How will you? Check out some of the ways people are using goTenna — and share your best photos & videos with us!

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Monument Valley

Jordan and Brad checked out the sights in Arizona's Monument Valley.

Abiqua Falls

Connor and friends took an excursion to Abiqua Falls in Oregon.

Great Wall of China

Kristy and Chuck used their goTennas while exploring the Great Wall of China.

Barcelona, Spain

Duncan and crew field-tested goTenna Mesh while doing some climbing outside of Barcelona.


The Boulder Fire-Rescue wildland fire division tested goTenna for use in the field.

Mojave Desert

Kristina and friends used goTenna on their retreat to California’s Mojave Desert.

Horseshoe Bend

Brad and Jordan used goTenna while exploring the Southwest and taking in the views at Horseshoe Bend.


A goTenna Mesh beta tester sends a message while testing outside of Sacramento.


Taking a break from testing goTenna Mesh on the beaches of Guadeloupe.

Green Mountain Reservoir

Jon used goTenna while canyon fishing below Colorado’s Green Mountain Reservoir.

Lake Tahoe

Anthony and his ski buddies kept in touch with goTenna while shredding the areas around Lake Tahoe.

Yosemite National Park

Kerry and friends used goTenna while exploring the area around the mighty Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

Baxter State Park

Brian got in some late-winter cross-country skiing in Maine's Baxter State Park.

Washington, D.C.

goTenna helped activists stay connected during the Women's March on Washington.

Cairngorms National Park

Keaton explored the lush forests of Scotland's Cairngorms National Park.

Ogden, UT

Max trudged through the snow to climb a fire lookout tower and get a killer view.

Glacier National Park

Tayler did some kayak cruising at Glacier National Park.

Alicante, Spain

Daniel and friends visited the Spanish galleon Santisima Trinidad and the castle Castell de la Santa Barbara.

Mesa Verde National Park

Ruben enjoyed some fresh mountain air at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Blowholes at Quobba

Here's Nico checking out the Quobba Blowholes in Western Australia!

Burning Man

David got his burn on, and so did goTenna, at Burning Man!

Mount Kilimanjaro

Jesse stopped for a photo op in front of the jagged peaks of Mawenzi before tackling Mount Kilimanjaro.


Jose used goTennas during his trip to the Bahamas, and sent us this rad shot from his jet-ski tour!

Arrigetch Peaks

Katie, Todd and Nick used goTenna while scaling the rugged Arrigetch Peaks in northern Alaska.

Mongol Rally

The Bad Latitudes team used goTenna to communicate while racing from England to Mongolia for the 2016 Mongol Rally.

Kalbarri National Park

Denia admired some incredible views in Australia's Kalbarri National Park.

Michaux State Forest

Duncan and Remy stopped to camp in Pennsylvania's Michaux State Forest during their bike trip across the Northeast.


Keaton snapped this photo while touring the Palace of Westminster in London!

Seven Falls

Charlie caught some serious air zip lining near Seven Falls, CO!


goTenna offers communication and location sharing, even when you’re in Airplane Mode. Or even in a seaplane, as John and friends proved in Alaska.

Grand Canyon

Matthew basked in the majesty of the Grand Canyon. As American explorer John Wesley Powell once said, "The glories and the beauties of form, color and sound unite in the Grand Canyon."

Hoi An

Julian getting ready to ride through the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam!

Dois Irmaos

goTenna gets around!! Having breakfast while mentally preparing to hike Dois Irmaos ("Two Brothers") in Rio.

Lake Cavanaugh

A splendid cruise on Lake Cavanaugh in Washington. Thanks to goTenna user Brooke for the photo!

Florida Keys

Brett took goTenna fly fishing off the Florida Keys just before Tropical Storm Colin rolled in.

Sunset Rock

Lunchtime on Sunset Rock in Sequoia National Park!

Palo Duro Canyon

goTenna goes to Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle.


Keaton photographed this gorgeous goTenna moment on a recent trip to Iceland. Stay connected to your travel companions anywhere your adventures take you!

Napali Coast

Scot sent us this photo while he was hiking the beautiful Napali Coast in Hawaii, goTenna in tow!

New Zealand's South Island

Beautiful goTenna moment captured by Matt on a bike-packing trip on the south coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Ben used goTenna on his back country ski trip in California's Lassen Volcanic National Park near a snow-covered Lake Helen. The orange strap matched his snow shovel perfectly!

Mt. Fuji

Masa used goTenna to share locations with his hiking companions while basking in the majesty of Mt. Fuji in Japan.


George spent New Year’s Day testing goTenna from a parachute on a skydive, and messaged someone more than 14 miles away!

Anthony’s Nose

Alec enjoyed an unseasonably warm winter hike to Anthony’s Nose in the Hudson Valley in New York.

South Dakota

Gon is a falconer, bowhunter, and goTenna user. Here he is with his bird, Bizzy.

Amazon river

Erin used goTenna to keep in touch with her travel companions during a fishing trip on the Amazon river!

Machu Picchu

Alan and Jordan shared this photo from an adventure to Machu Picchu in Peru!


Kasia and friends kept goTenna by their sides on an excursion to the ancient city of Teotihuacán, Mexico.


goTenna user Noah shared this photo from his trip in Hawaii, and wrote: Beauty is not what we are lacking out here, cell reception is another story. Enter goTenna !


Dan brought his goTennas out hiking in beautiful red rock country in Sedona.
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